The Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network

Eastbourne and Wealden RAYNET

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No Current Incidents

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Sun 04 Mar 2018
Eastbourne Half Marathon
About User Services

RAYNET, under the terms of the amateur radio licence, is permitted to pass messages on behalf of
• Any UK Police force, Fire & Rescue service or Ambulance trust.
• HM Coastguard
• Local Authority Emergency Planning Officers
• Any health authority
• Any government department
• British Red Cross
• St John Ambulance
• St Andrew’s Ambulance Association
• Salvation Army
• Any utility service
These are known as User Services.

Schedule 1 of the Civil Contingencies Act lists the responders subject to its provisions. The Act splits local responders into two categories and imposes a different set of requirements on each category. Category 1 and 2 Responders in England and Wales are listed below.
Section 13 of the Act enables Ministers to amend the list of responders with the agreement
of Parliament.

Category 1 responders (core responders)

Category 2 responders (co-operating responders)

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